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SBCL's 10th Anniversary Workshop

SBCL was announced to the world in December 1999. To celebrate, there will be a workshop at Goldsmiths, University of London on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th December 2009.

Post-Workshop Materials

Keynote Talks


The state of the whiteboard at the end of the Roundtable session:

of whiteboard

Lightning Talks

Monday Afternoon
Christophe RhodesUnicode status
Martin KielhornControlling a microscope with Lisp
James Y. KnightAn LLVM backend [cl-llvm branch README]
Juho SnellmanCalling functions with unboxed arguments
Nikodemus SiivolaSBCL Computer Graphics Algebra [code]
Paul V. KhuongMulti-word Compare-and-Swap [code]
Tuesday Morning
Rudi Schlatteorg-mode
David LichteblauDynamic space relocation
Juho SnellmanFaster aref/(setf aref) on non-simple non-displaced arrays [patch branch]
David LichteblauIncremental allocation for dynamic space
Attila LendvaiThe stefil test framework [project page]
David LichteblauUsing C++ from Lisp [CommonQt cl-smoke]
Levente MészárosPartial evaluation for CL [code]
Tuesday Afternoon
Christophe RhodesSubclassable structures [repository]
Thomas BurdickBlock compilation
David LichteblauHemlock
Attila Lendvai & Levente MészárosPersistence [cl-rdbms cl-perec]


The SBCL10 workshop is intended to give a space and time so that interested parties can discuss ideas, hear other peoples' use cases and desires, and work on blue-sky design in collaboration. There will be a few more extended talks to serve as motivation, but most of the workshop will be held in rooms with ample whiteboard space, network connections, and access to caffeinated beverages. Towards the end of each day, all participants will be invited to give lightning talks on anything that they have worked on during that time, or any other topic of interest.


Monday 14th December
09:30–10:00Registration and CoffeeGround Floor, BPB
10:00–10:15WelcomeBPB Lecture Theatre
10:15–11:00SBCL Outside The BoxBPB Lecture Theatre
11:00–11:45CoffeeBPB Rooms 3/4
11:45–12:30SBCL at ITA SoftwareBPB Lecture Theatre
12:30–14:00Lunch and self-organization
14:00–17:00Hacking, Whiteboarding, BOFsBPB Rooms 3/4
17:00–17:30Lightning TalksBPB Lecture Theatre
19:00–DinnerMeze Mangal, London, SE4 1XF
Tuesday 15th December
MorningHackingBPB Rooms 3/4
Late MorningLightning TalksBPB Lecture Theatre
AfternoonHackingBPB Rooms 3/4
Early EveningLightning Talks and RoundtableBPB Lecture Theatre
EveningDrinksRoyal Albert, London SE14 6TJ


Nick Levine: SBCL Outside The Box
Writing a new Lisp book, particularly one which deals with the realities of implementations and their capabilities, is both a pleasure and a challenge. In this talk I'll discuss the particular trials and tribulations I've been through in the chapters using SBCL as the Lisp implementation, and try to identify areas where my life could have been made easier.
Martin Cracauer: SBCL at ITA Software
ITA Software makes extensive use of Common Lisp, including SBCL, in both mature products and projects in development. I'll discuss the uses and abuses of SBCL in the corporate environment, with reference to the things it makes easy for us and those it makes unreasonably difficult.


Register intent to attend the workshop by e-mailing Christophe Rhodes before November 14th 2009. There will be no charge for attending the workshop; light lunches will be provided free of charge. Details of the arrangements for evening meals will be made available in due course.

Confirmed attendees

* Confirmed for Monday Dinner